Take your project to the next level, using our proven network of subcontractors


Add some colour to your metal laser cut parts with a durable and attractive powdercoat treatment. Dozens of colours with a variety of textures and finishes, can add a layer of protection while adding a touch of class.

  • Almost all metals are suitable for powdercoating
  • Huge batch oven for oversized parts
  • On-site sandblasting service for extra adhesion or previous coating removal
  • Competitive pricing with free transport to and from
  • Colour charts available at our office


If anodising of aluminium parts is what you need, let us arrange it for you, with our tried and tested anodising contractors. Anodising is only available for aluminium alloys and will increase corrosion and wear resistance as well as adding some “bling” to your job.

  • Natural/clear anodising – the classic finish
  • Coloured anodising – black, orange, red, blue, grey, gold, purple, green
  • Hard anodising – for maximum hardness, wear and corrosion resistance
  • Chromate conversion coatings
  • Chrome free passivation


For high quality zinc plating of mild steel components, less us send them to our master electroplater. Zinc plating is perfect for light duty corrosion protection whilst adding a simple splash of colour.

  • Gold, black or traditional blue/clear zinc plating
  • Zinc-nickel plating
  • Competitive pricing and free transport to and from
  • More aesthetically appealing compared to galvanising
  • Super smooth finish


For superior corrosion protection, why not get your mild steel parts or assemblies hot dipped galvanised. This process adds a relatively thick layer of zinc and almost provides a lifetime without rust.

  • Bullet proof corrosion protection
  • Long life – minimum 50 years
  • Super tough bond to parent metal – difficult to scratch off
  • Lowest long term cost
  • Virtually maintenance free

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