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A Complete Guide to Decorative Wall Panels

Posted on 13 September, 2018 at Decorative Screens

Whether you’re working on a project for your home, by sprucing up your back yard or creating a new fence, or you need screening for a commercial project, like a new inner-city café or boutique, decorative wall panels are a great addition to any backyard. Yet with an infinite array of design possibilities and a huge selection of materials, how do you know where to begin? If you’re thinking about using screening in your home or workplace, use this definitive guide to help you choose the right style for you.

  • Pattern
    When it comes to laser cutting, if you can think it up, it can be done. Whilst some designs may need some slight modification to ensure there is enough metal left to keep the panelling standing up right, and everything is connected to ensure no pieces will fall out, these changes are generally very minor. That means you have an endless choice of patterns or images to choose from – and it comes down to personal preference. Depending on what you choose, you can have a piece which complements a heritage home, a Middle Eastern bazaar, an organic and earthy bohemian space, or a contemporary and minimalist house. It all comes down to the styles and designs that you like.
  • Materials
    Of course, the materials you choose go a long way toward the look and feel of the . It isn’t just the pattern you choose that’s important, but what you’re cutting it into as well! When most people think of laser cutting, they generally think of metals – the higher carbon content (the harder they are) means they are better to cut, giving you a cleaner and crisper finish. Traditional ‘silver’ metals, such as steel, aluminium and titanium are great for a polished, modern finish, whilst brasses and coppers create a warmer appearance and are ideal for less formal settings. One of our favourites at the moment is Corten screening, a mild steel grade designed to partially rust without completely degrading. The beautiful burnt orange finish is ideal for an organic, outdoor setting, and makes a great backdrop to our Australia flora as well!

    On top of this, you can even use plastics, timbers, and a whole range of other materials. With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve tried our hand at almost everything, so if you have something a bit unusual, just pop in!
  • Application
    Whilst this is the last step in creating, it was probably the first thing you thought of. Where you put your screen is what brings the piece together – whether you need it for function or aesthetics, or both! They have a huge range of applications, both interior and exterior, and, like always, it comes down to your personal tastes. Inside, they make great room dividers and window coverings for added privacy, but they can also be works of art in their own right, hanging on the wall in place of a photo or painting. Outdoors, they can be used as privacy screens, feature backdrops, fencing, and even durable artworks. As we mentioned earlier, these aren’t just perfect for residential projects either. We’ve worked with Monash University, Healesville Sanctuary, the Victorian State Library, and Crown Casino – just to name a few – so you know you’re in safe hands.

With laser cutting, you have the power to create a completely unique feature for your home or business. Whether you need fencing, wall cladding, or even a work of art, this is a great solution. We know it can be hard to decide how you want the end result to look, so if you need a bit of extra help with your decorative wall panels, visit our friendly team today.