Specialised cutting of round and rectangular tubes

If you require components cut from round tube, pipe or RHS, our rotary cutting service is the ideal solution. With our dedicated rotary laser cutting machine, slots, junctions or shapes cut from a tube are a breeze. Our reputation in this field is well known – other laser cutting companies send their rotary jobs to us!

More information

Laser cutting is an accurate, efficient and versatile method of cutting metal tubes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Just like flat sheet cutting, it is fast, clean, quiet and creates very accurate results with minimal waste.

How It Works

In a similar configuration to a metal working lathe, the tube or RHS is clamped at one end by a rotating four jaw chuck and supported at the other end by a pneumatically controlled tail stock. The tube rotates under the moving head and precision rotary laser cutting is the end result.


  • Maximum tube diameter: 315mm
  • Minimum tube diameter: 15mm
  • Maximum RHS capacity: 200mm x 200mm
  • Maximum processing length: 3000mm
  • Maximum “feed through” diameter: 155mm
Is rotary laser cutting expensive?

Compared to drilling or cutting tube by traditional methods, rotary laser cutting could save you a fortune.

Can I supply the tube?

Absolutely, however we have multiple tube suppliers with access to a huge range of tube, pipe and RHS in a variety of materials.

How long will the job take?

Depending on current workload and material availability, our typical turn-around time is usually within one week from receipt of order.