A dedicated timber cutting machine is at your service

Timber products are another group of materials well suited to laser cutting. The cut edge is square, clean and but can exhibit a darkened or blackened result, depending on the type and thickness. Interior plywood cuts with a smoother lighter edge due to the PVA glue used between the layers. Marine and exterior plywoods with thicknesses over 18mm start to exhibit a charred and slightly rough edge.


Below is a list of timbers that can be cut and their maximum thicknesses:

  • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF, MRMDF, veneered MDF): up to 32mm
  • Plywood (Marine, Interior, Exterior, Multiply, Formply): up to 25mm
  • Particle Board (chipboard, yellow tongue, laminex, melamine): up to 19mm
  • Masonite: up to 6mm
  • Weathertex: up to 10mm
  • Solid timber (softwood: pine, cypress, oregon, cedar): up to 40mm
  • Solid timber (hardwood: eucalyptus, oak, mahogany, merbau): up to 20mm thick