Three dedicated metal cutting machines are at your service

Metals love to be laser cut. The higher carbon content or the harder they are, the better they cut. All steels cut cleanly and without burrs and all non-ferrous is cut with high pressure nitrogen to produce the ultimate “clean” cut. Aluminium thicker than 5mm can have occasional burrs, but we have a cleaning service if required. Small details in thick metals can be a challenge, so if in doubt get in touch.


Below is a list of metals that can be cut and their maximum thicknesses:

  • Mild Steel (grades 250, 350, Cor-ten): up to 25mm
  • Stainless Steel (grades 304, 316, 430, 2205): up to 30mm
  • Specialist steels (chrome molybdenum, manganese, spring steel, bisalloy): up to 25mm
  • Aluminium (grades 5005, 5083, 2024, 6061): up to 30mm
  • Galvanised, zinc sealed, zinc annealed: up to 3mm
  • Titanium: up to 10mm thick
  • Brass: up to 15mm thick
  • Copper: up to 12mm thick
  • Lead: up to 2mm thick