Precision folding of laser cut metal components

If you need your laser cut parts folded, we have the solution for you. Our new German made 150 Ton 3.1m press brake is the most technologically advanced of its type in the world and is the first one to be installed in the Southern Hemisphere. Combined with our new Solidworks based 3D software, this machine reaches new heights in folding possibilities.

More information

The advanced control system monitors side frame deflection and system temperatures every eight milliseconds and automatically compensates during each bend. The comprehensive database of bend allowances, tooling shapes and material types, allows for quick and precise bends with extremely high repetition accuracy.


  • Independent 5 axis back gauge
  • Intelligent safety system with tool detection
  • Dynamic bending pressure regulation
  • Quick change hydraulic tool clamping
  • Energy saver system
  • Optical bend guiding system
  • Laser angle measuring system with automatic correction
What is the thickest you can fold?

It depends on the fold length and material type, however a one-metre-long, 90-degree fold, in 10mm mild steel is close to the upper limit.

Can you fold any shape?

We have a huge range of tooling so most folds are possible. However, an offline 3D simulation can guarantee success if there is any doubt.

Is a press brake suitable for non-metals?

Some plastics can be folded by press brake but metals are ideal.