Providing premium laser cutting services since 1995

Over 150 years combined experience in the laser industry

Arrow’s staff are dedicated and passionate about laser cutting. Some with over 30 years’ experience and all with an average of 10 years’ experience, the continuously high level of quality and service is second to none.

Committed to a fast and reliable service

We know timing is crucial and planning is vital. With specialised production scheduling software and an in-house service technician, delivery time blow-outs are rare and machinery breakdowns are virtually unheard of.

Can cut almost any material – metals, plastics, timbers and much more

Virtually anything can be laser cut. Over the years we have cut thousands of different material types and Arrow Laser is often the destination for the “tricky” jobs that others refuse to take on. Check out our materials page for more details.

Focus on minimising material waste and maximising cutting efficiency

Our advanced nesting software produces super tight nests so waste material is almost eliminated. Common material jobs are nested and cut together, which increases efficiency, reduces changeover time and keeps costs down.

Cutting edge technology and state of the art machines

Our German and Swiss equipment is the best money can buy. Our regimented maintenance schedule and comprehensive servicing program means our machinery is well looked after and will always perform precisely.

Latest 3D Solidworks based programming software

Our programming software can accept any format of CAD file and effortlessly processes Solidworks 3D sheet metal part files. This provides seamless integration from the flat laser cutting part to the final folded product.

Capacity to produce prototypes to full production runs

Laser cutting is ideal for medium sized production run jobs. However prototyping and high volume production is always welcome. Send us a quote request and we’ll get back to you with a competitive quote within 24 hours.

Who we supply

Our customers come from all sorts of businesses and industries. Manufacturing, engineering, construction, aerospace, automotive, marine, home builders, home owners, hobbyists – almost anyone can benefit from the services Arrow provides.