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Most Effective Ways Of Using Decorative Screens

Posted on 15 September, 2017 at Decorative Screens

When used in a garden setting, decorative screens can have quite a dramatic visual impact on the space. They can make it more inviting, more interesting and more physically comfortable (depending on the style and how it has been used). In the list below, we have covered _ creative ways that you can use a screen to enhance your garden space.

  • Block Out the Neighbours
    One of the more obvious uses for these screens is to block out the prying eyes of your neighbours or passers by (if you live on a busy street). They will help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable, enabling you to enjoy breakfast in your pyjamas or to play with your kids without feeling like the neighbours are watching your every move.
  • Prevent Sun Exposure
    During the summer, the scorching summer rays often become unbearable after only a few minutes. The hot sun can wreak havoc on our skin (from sunburn all the way through to skin cancer) and on our garden (frying all of your greenery to a crisp). Strategically placed decorative screens can provide some protection against the sun.
  • Increase your Fence Height
    Adding screens to the top of an existing fence can increase its height without the need to completely replace the fence. Whether developments in the area have meant that the privacy of your home is compromised or whether the barrier you have previously been using has become unsuitable (such as damaged lattice), this could be the solution.
  • Encourage Garden Growth
    If your garden seems to be overflowing with plants but you would like to continue planting, screens can help you to take them vertically. Whether you use them to support climbing plants or to separate different “pockets” of growth, the end result will be truly charming! Now there’s no excuse for not having the garden of your dreams!
  • Door Replacement
    Over time, pen and shed doors can become quite haphazard and dilapidated – hinges can rust, wood can rot and bolts may stop reaching the latch. Lightweight decorative screens could be the perfect replacement – not only are they far more durable than other materials, they’ll also give your pen or shed a much-needed facelift!
  • Decorative Railings
    Screens can be installed along your deck or verandah railing in place of a traditional balustrade. Not only will this help to beautify an otherwise boring decking, the designs can be made small enough that there is no chance your kids will stick their limbs or heads through (which, for some reason, seems to be a popular temptation).

So there you have it - _ creative ways to use decorative screens in your garden, some of which you may not have even considered previously. Can you think of any other ideas that we haven’t covered here? We would love you to share them with us!

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