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Purchase of Bystronic Xpert Press Brake

Posted on 4 November, 2013 at Press Brake Folding

In an effort to maintain our competitive edge using the most up-to-date technology, Arrow Laser has commissioned a brand new 150 Ton 3.1m Bystronic press brake. 

This German built folding machine is the most technologically advanced of its type in the world and is the first to be installed in the Southern Hemisphere. Its many features include:

  • independent 5 axis back gauge
  • dynamic hydraulic crowning
  • intelligent safety system with tool detection
  • thickness monitoring
  • dynamic bending pressure regulation
  • hydraulic tool clamping
  • energy saver system
  • optical bend guiding system
  • laser angle measuring system with automatic correction

The advanced control system monitors side frame deflection and system temperatures every eight milliseconds and automatically compensates during each bend. The comprehensive database of bend allowances, tooling shapes and material types, allows for quick and precise bends with extremely high repetition accuracy.